On a regional scale, YES is promoting an educational program among the project beneficiaries and YES family in advocating for environmentally sound practices and turning environmental challenges into new opportunities that can associate this sports community to sustainable development.

Football is discussed, among all families, tribes, races and people world over as a popular sport and it has no boundary and identity. YES is using that influence of games privilege to mobilize and cause social transformation in the community.

We use the power of football mainly to address community pressing issues and its a tool for advocacy and promotion of respect of human rights, HIV/AIDS prevention work, voluntary counseling’s and testing, condom distribution and education, peace building, mediations, and conflict resolutions, youth exchanges, entrepreneurship, leisure and recreation programs

Sports help redress economic and social imbalances, environmental protection for example 16% of the households interviewed in 2011 confirmed that they have had serious conflicts and misunderstanding with their neighbors regarding improper waste disposal

In order to achieve organization ideals, sports programme across all activities address environmental responsibility, history, communication skills, coexistence, and international understanding and tolerance of diversity.

Through football information and messages, behavior and practices can be delivered to people of all ages, in both formal and informal settings.

To create public dialogue different factions of society are often brought together in sports games; these typically include civil society groups, schools, tribal leaders and the media. Yet due to the many areas covered by sports for development, initiatives are primarily determined by culture and context, as well as by the projects’ scopes and objectives.

Environmental education and sports are therefore intrinsically linked.

We recognize that deteriorating ecology is a detriment to all sides and people are able to cooperate

In building Busia district community through sports, we affirm that sports contribute to building a better world by educating youth as local grass root sporting groups, provide better health outcomes for people of all ages. They also help teach values, volunteerism, cooperation, leadership, teamwork, and help in defeating adversity. In this sense, a healthy global and local environment is a natural partner of the organization ideals and the promotion of environment information through sports is fully considered as the sub theme of YES core programs.

YES has therefore the responsibility of addressing environmental issues and integrating its actions in the framework of sustainable development. Our football goal is to ensure that the community participatory sports activities are held in conditions which demonstrate a responsible concern for environmental issues through dissemination and awareness rising.

There is high evidence of the linkages and positive impacts of football on individual and organization activities in general terms of physical, mental and social health.